Bible Bowl Practice

Since we missed class tonight, due to our mid-week Bible study being cancelled, we have decided to post the practice test here.

The test can be printed by simply clicking the link below. Students, please study Esther, chapter 5, and complete the practice test. We will, Lord willing, discuss what we’ve studied next Wednesday.

Esther, Chapter 5 – Practice Test #1

Anyone wishing to participate in Bible Bowl with us (grades K-12) should see Kyle or Marissa. This is new to Gilroy, but we look forward to participating in the February event.

Practice Test #2: Esther, Chapters 6 & 7


“…MORE JOY IN HEAVEN…” (Luke 15:7)

We have great reason to rejoice! One of our teens Savannah was immersed for the remission of her sins Sunday morning. What a great way to begin the week! We are so proud of her and all our teens for their commitment and dedication to God. Now that’s what you call church growth!

We have a devotional coming up this Saturday, the 21st, hosted by myself and Marissa. This will begin at 5pm. We’ll provide the food and activities. (If you haven’t already, see us for information on how to get in the gate).

This devotional is the last event we have planned for the Winter Quarter. As the spring approaches we are still trying to finalize our calendar. At the moment, however, we need volunteers to host our devotionals. There is still a sign-up list in the foyer if you are interested. We would very much appreciate it.

We are also currently planning for our classes, teachers and materials. More information on that will follow at a later date.

We thank you for your love, support and prayers as we strive to teach our young people to serve our Lord to the best of their ability (Romans 12:1-2). We thank you for all you do.


What’s Going On?

In a time of the year that, particularly, would be slow and uneventful, our youth are busy in the kingdom.

We are excited to be a part of some great events in the area. A couple of weeks ago we enjoyed a youth day hosted by the Leanna congregation. This Saturday and another (Feb. 7) are devoted to our young men. This week we are carrying a van to Pulaski for a “Boys to Men” seminar hosted by the Fairview congregation. Three weeks from Saturday we go back to Murfreesboro for a Young Men’s Seminar hosted by the East Main Church of Christ.

If that wasn’t enough, we also have a couple of YOUTH DEVOTIONALS that we are planning. The first of the year will be hosted in the church building this Saturday (the 17th) at 5pm. We are also planning one for February, as well, with more details to come later. We are also planning a surprise event for the quarter.

We are thankful to all our parents for allowing your children to participate in these great programs. Though we are small in number, one thing we can be proud of is that we’re moving along and paying attention to our young people. We are glad you are a part of it all.


We have, not one… not two… but THREE major youth events coming up, hosted by area congregations! Parents, I hope you will consider allowing your teens to participate, as these are great ways for them to grow spiritually and develop friendships along the way.


This is a one day event, beginning at 9am on January 3rd (yes, tomorrow). The theme for this year is: “Behold, All Things Become New”. Lunch is provided. If you would still like your child to participate, just let me know.


This is for our young men, 5th grade through college age. We will plan on making this a one day deal, as well. The date is Saturday, January 17th, and breakfast and lunch will be provided free of charge. It will last from 9am to 3, and we will return that afternoon. Keep in mind, also, that free t-shirts are available if we register by the 7th of January, so let me know ASAP if you would like to go. The theme is: “Boys to Men: Doing it God’s Way”. The key note speaker: Glenn Colley. We have been using the Colley family’s material for both of our teen classes on Sunday mornings.


Again, for young men, 5th-12th grades. This will be, Lord willing, our second year participating in this great event. The speaker is Kyle Butt. This will take place Saturday, February 7th, from 9am to 12pm, with lunch provided.

We love involving our youth in events such as these, and I know that would benefit greatly from being a part of them. Transportation may also be provided, if needed. Feel free to contact me about any of these events that you would like your child to participate in.


2014 Youth Service Project


We must give a BIG THANK YOU to all those who helped in our drive to collect items for the CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL AT VANDERBILT! As you can see, we had a cart full. They were very much surprised and appreciative of the things we gathered.

Many of the items will be used as Christmas gifts given to the children by Santa. They will also be given to help the siblings of the patients there and their families.

It was a wonderful feeling to be a part of something so big for our congregation! We hope to do more projects such as this in the future.



Youth Devo and Winter Events

I have posted the new lists of classes and events for the Winter Quarter. Feel free to check them out.


In the nearest future, our YOUTH DEVOTIONAL, hosted by the Maxwell’s, will be this coming Sunday evening, December 14th. It will take place following our Sunday evening services. As part of this, we will have a HOLIDAY PARTY & GIFT CARD SWAP. Please, be planning to attend.

We have also set a goal to have all donations to the CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL AT VANDERBILT turned in by December 14th. Marissa and myself plan to take them to the hospital sometime later that week. A list of the items desired can be found by clicking HERE.

A couple of events hosted by area congregations will also be coming up soon. A YOUTH DAY will be hosted by the Leanna Church of Christ in Murfreesboro on January 3rd. Also, the annual YOUNG MEN”S SEMINAR will be hosted by the East Main Church of Christ in Murfreesboro on February 7th. (We attended the Young Men’s Seminar last year.)

We thank you for your involvement and appreciate your prayers for our young people. As we look to the beginning of next year, keep looking for more good things to come.

Upcoming Youth Events

I try to post about our youth program at least every other week, just to keep everyone updated, so here’s what’s new with our youth.

First of all, the GIRLS’ CLASS has a new teacher joining the class. Janet Luther has stepped up to the plate to assist in teaching on Sunday mornings. The girls will continue to study from the book: “Everyday Princess: Daughter of the King”. Marissa and Janet will be alternating teaching duties, but both will use the book for each class, regardless of who is teaching. Please, encourage your daughters to read their lessons each and every week, before class time. There is much material in the book to cover, and this helps Janet and Marissa, as well as our girls, to have the best class discussions.

Our next YOUTH DEVOTIONAL is about a month away! This time we will be having a gift exchange (more details at a later date). Jerry and Melinda Maxwell have volunteered to host the event at their home. The date is DECEMBER 14TH. This is a Sunday, so we will meet at the Maxwell’s immediately following evening services. We realize that they will have school the next day, so we will promise to be finished by 8:30pm. We usually try to plan our Sunday events around Mondays off but, due to conflict, this was the best we could do. We apologize ahead of time.

We look forward to our time together in the future!

Oh, and by the way, I’ve noticed that all but a couple of our teens have invited at least one person to one of our Youth Devotionals since we began them regularly back in May. We are so thankful for the enthusiasm! Please, continue to encourage them to encourage others. The best way for our group to grow is by their involvement and invitations to others.


Youth Devotionals & Bible Classes

We are reaching a time of year when it is difficult to keep our teens moving and involved in the church. Many have activities seem to get in the way of services, classes and events, but our hope is that you will encourage them to be as involved and active as possible. We, as a congregation, work to provide those opportunities, but without your encouragement and participation, it is difficult to bring these opportunities to life.

COMING UP! We have a YOUTH DEVOTIONAL scheduled for NOVEMBER 8TH (Note: Rescheduled from Saturday, the 15th, due to conflict). This month, Willie and Brenda Hughes have volunteered to host. We are very appreciative of their kindness in doing so.

Also, please remember our BIBLE CLASSES! We have great periods of study offered on SUNDAY MORNING and WEDNESDAY EVENING. Our class opportunities are much better with good attendance and, please, encourage your teens to bring a friend. As I’ve told them before, the only way our youth group can grow is by their invitation. Also, please encourage them to study their lessons before class.

As always, we want to do all we can to encourage our teens spiritually, but we can’t do it alone. Remember that what we do now could have a great impact on their eternity.


Youth Devotional and Trunk-or-Treat

As we continue to try to keep our youth active, which is a little more difficult when school is in session, we do have some good things coming up, such as…

First of all, a YOUTH DEVOTIONAL will be hosted at the home of Ronald and Janet Luther this Saturday, the 11th. We are thankful for the willingness to be involved with our teens, as both have filled-in on teaching duties from time to time. We will meet at 5:30pm. Parents: you might plan to bring a favorite board game or two. We have several outside activities we can do, but there does seem to be a good chance of rain in the forecast. I think it’s better to be prepared, don’t you?

Aside from our monthly Youth Devotionals, we have another activity coming up at the end of the month. We will have TRUNK-OR-TREAT at the church building on October 26, following our evening worship. Though our teens may be a little old to participate (maybe not!), we would still love to have their help with the younger ones. We are also having a Soup & Sandwich Fellowship, for which you may bring your favorite soup, chili or stew. We look forward to a wonderful opportunity for fellowship with members, as well as visitors from the community that we are hoping for.

One last thing, we are strongly encouraging participation in our BIBLE CLASSES. This quarter, it seems that some of our regulars from the summer are not so regular in the fall. I understand that your teens have many activities they are involved in through school, on top of homework, but is all of that more important than God? I remember hearing a preacher once pose a question: “Do you love your children? Would you do anything to save them if their life was in danger?” I’m sure I know the answer to those questions, but how important is their soul and eternity to you? Are you doing everything to teach them that God is most important to you and them, even more important that school functions and activities? Are you doing everything in your power to encourage the saving of their soul? Just some things to think about… I hope to see YOU in Bible class this Sunday!


Bible Classes, Devos and Gospel Meetings

We hope you will be joining us tonight for Bible Study! I know that with school starting your children probably have a lot of activities going on – things that, I’m sure, keep them, and you, very busy. One of the most important things we can do for our children is teach them the Bible. Tonight, as all other Bible studies, is a great opportunity to teach them. School activities and homework are important for the day, but studying God’s word affects their eternity. Teach them today that God is the most important priority in your family’s lives.

Last week the Maxwells began the Fall Quarter teaching the Wednesday class. The teens seemed to have a good study period with them (or were they paid to say that???). We are so appreciative of the Maxwells for taking on such a great challenge. I hope you will share your appreciation with them with your presence.

At the beginning of the quarter I challenged the teens to a 90 Day Challenge, reading through the New Testament in 90 days by the end of the Fall Quarter. I believe most of them began reading, but have not been as faithful to continue. My goal was to encourage them to read their Bibles daily. I hope you will encourage them to read, as well, as you spend more time with them than I do.

Two big things are coming up this weekend. Saturday, Bob and Amelia Hayes have offered us use of their home for our monthly Youth Devotional, beginning at 5:30pm. Also, our Gospel Meeting begins Sunday morning and continues through Wednesday evening, with speaker “Buddy” Neal. Please, plan to be present for both and invite friends! These are two wonderful opportunities and, we pray, your family will take advantage of them.