It being the first Sunday of September, we officially begin a new quarter of classes. For some, there will be changes in teachers or lesson material and, for others, there will be no change at all. Some of these things have been outlined before, but here they are, as a reminder…

  • The Teen Boys’ class will have a new book. We will begin the first chapter of “Headed to the Office”, based on the qualifications of an elder or bishop. The goal of this study is to prepare them to be the leaders in the church of the future.
  • The Teen Girls’ class will continue, much as it has for the last few months. Sandy Sole will be absent for an extended period of time. Marissa Webb will teach while she and Gary are away. Marissa’s classes will continue studying “Daughters of the King”.
  • The Wednesday class will continue the Horizons book, published by Gospel Advocate. However, there will be a shuffling of teachers, as Jerry and Melinda Maxwell have agreed to take the class for awhile. We look forward to our teens building a relationship with the Maxwells through this quarter.

We have three Youth Devotionals coming up for the Fall Quarter. You can check our event calendar for the dates and times. The next devotional will be held at the home of Bob and Amelia Hayes on Saturday, September 20.

Also, we thank those who allowed their children to participate in the Youth Movie Night on Sunday. We apologize to the parents for finishing later than intended, but we appreciate you allowing your children to stay, anyway. It was not our plan to keep you waiting so long. We will try to plan events such as this better in the future.

Thank you for being a part of the lives our youth.


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