Bible Classes, Devos and Gospel Meetings

We hope you will be joining us tonight for Bible Study! I know that with school starting your children probably have a lot of activities going on – things that, I’m sure, keep them, and you, very busy. One of the most important things we can do for our children is teach them the Bible. Tonight, as all other Bible studies, is a great opportunity to teach them. School activities and homework are important for the day, but studying God’s word affects their eternity. Teach them today that God is the most important priority in your family’s lives.

Last week the Maxwells began the Fall Quarter teaching the Wednesday class. The teens seemed to have a good study period with them (or were they paid to say that???). We are so appreciative of the Maxwells for taking on such a great challenge. I hope you will share your appreciation with them with your presence.

At the beginning of the quarter I challenged the teens to a 90 Day Challenge, reading through the New Testament in 90 days by the end of the Fall Quarter. I believe most of them began reading, but have not been as faithful to continue. My goal was to encourage them to read their Bibles daily. I hope you will encourage them to read, as well, as you spend more time with them than I do.

Two big things are coming up this weekend. Saturday, Bob and Amelia Hayes have offered us use of their home for our monthly Youth Devotional, beginning at 5:30pm. Also, our Gospel Meeting begins Sunday morning and continues through Wednesday evening, with speaker “Buddy” Neal. Please, plan to be present for both and invite friends! These are two wonderful opportunities and, we pray, your family will take advantage of them.



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