Youth Devotional and Trunk-or-Treat

As we continue to try to keep our youth active, which is a little more difficult when school is in session, we do have some good things coming up, such as…

First of all, a YOUTH DEVOTIONAL will be hosted at the home of Ronald and Janet Luther this Saturday, the 11th. We are thankful for the willingness to be involved with our teens, as both have filled-in on teaching duties from time to time. We will meet at 5:30pm. Parents: you might plan to bring a favorite board game or two. We have several outside activities we can do, but there does seem to be a good chance of rain in the forecast. I think it’s better to be prepared, don’t you?

Aside from our monthly Youth Devotionals, we have another activity coming up at the end of the month. We will have TRUNK-OR-TREAT at the church building on October 26, following our evening worship. Though our teens may be a little old to participate (maybe not!), we would still love to have their help with the younger ones. We are also having a Soup & Sandwich Fellowship, for which you may bring your favorite soup, chili or stew. We look forward to a wonderful opportunity for fellowship with members, as well as visitors from the community that we are hoping for.

One last thing, we are strongly encouraging participation in our BIBLE CLASSES. This quarter, it seems that some of our regulars from the summer are not so regular in the fall. I understand that your teens have many activities they are involved in through school, on top of homework, but is all of that more important than God? I remember hearing a preacher once pose a question: “Do you love your children? Would you do anything to save them if their life was in danger?” I’m sure I know the answer to those questions, but how important is their soul and eternity to you? Are you doing everything to teach them that God is most important to you and them, even more important that school functions and activities? Are you doing everything in your power to encourage the saving of their soul? Just some things to think about… I hope to see YOU in Bible class this Sunday!



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