Youth Devotionals & Bible Classes

We are reaching a time of year when it is difficult to keep our teens moving and involved in the church. Many have activities seem to get in the way of services, classes and events, but our hope is that you will encourage them to be as involved and active as possible. We, as a congregation, work to provide those opportunities, but without your encouragement and participation, it is difficult to bring these opportunities to life.

COMING UP! We have a YOUTH DEVOTIONAL scheduled for NOVEMBER 8TH (Note: Rescheduled from Saturday, the 15th, due to conflict). This month, Willie and Brenda Hughes have volunteered to host. We are very appreciative of their kindness in doing so.

Also, please remember our BIBLE CLASSES! We have great periods of study offered on SUNDAY MORNING and WEDNESDAY EVENING. Our class opportunities are much better with good attendance and, please, encourage your teens to bring a friend. As I’ve told them before, the only way our youth group can grow is by their invitation. Also, please encourage them to study their lessons before class.

As always, we want to do all we can to encourage our teens spiritually, but we can’t do it alone. Remember that what we do now could have a great impact on their eternity.



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