2014 Youth Service Project


We must give a BIG THANK YOU to all those who helped in our drive to collect items for the CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL AT VANDERBILT! As you can see, we had a cart full. They were very much surprised and appreciative of the things we gathered.

Many of the items will be used as Christmas gifts given to the children by Santa. They will also be given to help the siblings of the patients there and their families.

It was a wonderful feeling to be a part of something so big for our congregation! We hope to do more projects such as this in the future.




Youth Devo and Winter Events

I have posted the new lists of classes and events for the Winter Quarter. Feel free to check them out.


In the nearest future, our YOUTH DEVOTIONAL, hosted by the Maxwell’s, will be this coming Sunday evening, December 14th. It will take place following our Sunday evening services. As part of this, we will have a HOLIDAY PARTY & GIFT CARD SWAP. Please, be planning to attend.

We have also set a goal to have all donations to the CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL AT VANDERBILT turned in by December 14th. Marissa and myself plan to take them to the hospital sometime later that week. A list of the items desired can be found by clicking HERE.

A couple of events hosted by area congregations will also be coming up soon. A YOUTH DAY will be hosted by the Leanna Church of Christ in Murfreesboro on January 3rd. Also, the annual YOUNG MEN”S SEMINAR will be hosted by the East Main Church of Christ in Murfreesboro on February 7th. (We attended the Young Men’s Seminar last year.)

We thank you for your involvement and appreciate your prayers for our young people. As we look to the beginning of next year, keep looking for more good things to come.