What’s Going On?

In a time of the year that, particularly, would be slow and uneventful, our youth are busy in the kingdom.

We are excited to be a part of some great events in the area. A couple of weeks ago we enjoyed a youth day hosted by the Leanna congregation. This Saturday and another (Feb. 7) are devoted to our young men. This week we are carrying a van to Pulaski for a “Boys to Men” seminar hosted by the Fairview congregation. Three weeks from Saturday we go back to Murfreesboro for a Young Men’s Seminar hosted by the East Main Church of Christ.

If that wasn’t enough, we also have a couple of YOUTH DEVOTIONALS that we are planning. The first of the year will be hosted in the church building this Saturday (the 17th) at 5pm. We are also planning one for February, as well, with more details to come later. We are also planning a surprise event for the quarter.

We are thankful to all our parents for allowing your children to participate in these great programs. Though we are small in number, one thing we can be proud of is that we’re moving along and paying attention to our young people. We are glad you are a part of it all.


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