About Us

The Gilroy Church of Christ is proud of our youth! As we prepare them to be leaders in the church of tomorrow, we realize the encouragement that they are to the church of today.

Our ultimate goal is helping our young people to grow in their knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures. We have Bible classes on Sunday mornings (9am) and Wednesday evenings (7pm) with this goal in mind. We are reminded of the text in Titus 2:2-8, that tells us the importance of older men and women setting a good example and teaching the younger generation. We take this very seriously and want to see our youth grow in ways of our Lord.

We understand, also, the importance of relationships. We host many events throughout the year with fun in mind, in addition to learning. Our members have been kind enough to host Youth Devotionals in their homes on a once-a-month basis. We also plan other activities that encourage friendship, as well as service to God.

If you are not already, we encourage you to become a part of the Gilroy family. We will be more than happy to welcome you.


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