So, our Sounds game was a SUCCESS! We had 26 to attend (even though Bro. Jerry didn’t get to stay). The bus was nearly full! We appreciate all who participated. I hope that, because of the success of this event, there will be many more like it in the near future.

I was told this week that the Blackman Church of Christ in Murfreesboro will be hosting a Youth Day, held at their building. The date will be Saturday, August 16th, from 9am to 2pm. Chris Miller, I believe, is their speaker. If you are interested in going, please see myself or Marissa to let us know. Transportation may be provided, if needed.

Parents, keep in mind that Marissa and I will be away from Gilroy for the next two weeks, starting the 20th, as I will be leading singing in a Gospel Meeting and also for vacation. Gary and Sandy Sole will be teaching the Sunday morning classes and Ronald and Janet Luther will have the combined class on Wednesday, the 23rd (the 30th is Singing night). The Wednesday class will continue in the Horizons book, so we encourage you to have your child(ren) prepare themselves for the next lesson in the book. Marissa and I will, Lord willing, return the first Sunday in August.

We look forward to seeing you at Bible Study tonight!